Udham: An annual carnival with a difference

We’ve been organising Annual functions right from the beginning, i.e. 2013 with the children we had and the locations we could access and/or afford. This time is different. This is the first time we get to host our annual function on the  Pathshala Hostel grounds! It’s an empty canvas that our team is going all out to fill in with every shade of colour…

Our children, teachers and volunteers come from different parts of this diverse country! What better way than to celebrate our cultural diversity by hosting the food, language, music, dance, stories, handicrafts of the different parts of our country. It’s going to be loud, colourful, delicious and fun!! It’s UDHAM, a deep rooted indigenous carnival!

Bring your children, partners, parents, siblings to a rustic setting of Lasundra village. Every child and teacher of Pathshala and Pathbhavan and ladies of Churni are working on overdrive to make the event a success.

If this wasn’t enough, all this is being done to raise funds for our children’s education and living costs. You have fun while supporting a great cause! 80G and FCRA approved, all your donations in India will get tax benefits. Bank information on our donate page: http://srotoshwini.org/donate/

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