6 Hostel Mothers support 70+ children during 4 months of lockdown

While most of us locked down in our homes, our children at Pathshala Hostel don’t have a home to go back to. They have either lost their parents or live on the streets or platform 6 at Vadodara railway station. As a result, our committed team decided to stay back and cater to our children. We had a total of 6 hostel mothers and a couple of ladies providing kitchen help to support the entire group. The children were kept busy by engaging them creatively during this time. There were close to 25-30 competitions organized; ranging from art, craft, music, dance, theatre, cooking, sports etc. Other than the competitions, the children moved to a self-governance model. They were divided into 3 committees – garden, house keeping and kitchen. The purpose was to teach them to manage their own lives by collectively & democratically making decisions through the student council.

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