Pooja reunites with her mother after 5 years

Pooja knows how miserable life can be without mother’s love. She was 5/6 years old when her mother left her after her father passed away. She along with her other siblings started selling coloring books, key chains etc to survive. At times they begged. Bubbly, talented, sensitive, intelligent Pooja almost lost her childhood. She joined Pathshala Hostel and started showing tantrums and became almost impossible to manage. Just one assurance did the magic…”Mummy ko dhun ke layenge tere liye”. She is a different person now. Her mother stays at Gotana, a village near Somnath. Immensely grateful to Vadodara Police for finding her out. Bari Madam and Uma madam took Pooja to her mother and it was a very emotional reunion for everyone.

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