Pathshala Hostel – Rachana reunited

An account by our President, Dr. Juin Dutta –

“I met her in 2013 at Swati Sports Complex when it was under construction. I fell in love with her. She used to be either with me or Arpita during the time when we were there. In 2014 she along with her parents went to another construction site. We lost touch. Believe me, I used to look around at construction sites and thought if I got to see her. In between, I went to her village thrice ( Daoni, Lalitpur District). I met her and obviously she could not recognise me. I tried to get in touch with her over phone. But seldom I could do that. The other day, one of our children’s father told me that her father wanted to send her to the hostel. That’s it. I and Arpita did not want to lose this chance. Along with Anisha and Sharodiya, we came to Indore where her parents are working now and have picked her up.”

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