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Maindak x Churni collaboration launched

In an attempt to vocationally train our senior girls who are interested in handcrafted goods, a collaboration with Maindak Arts was launched in March, 2021. The girls will make products like handmade jewellery, embroidered or painted apparel and many such apparel or accessories.

Pathshala Hostel hosts Sports Day on campus

Sports Day at Pathshala Hostel has become an yearly event that everyone looks forward to. Due to Covid-19, Pathbhavan and Churni couldn’t be included. The children of the hostel participated in every athletic event with extreme enthusiasm. It was an interhouse competition and Bhadar was the winning house for the second time. The teachers also […]

Pathshala Hostel – Rachana reunited

An account by our President, Dr. Juin Dutta – “I met her in 2013 at Swati Sports Complex when it was under construction. I fell in love with her. She used to be either with me or Arpita during the time when we were there. In 2014 she along with her parents went to another […]

Pathbhavan Sports Day

Pathbhavan overcame the challenges of Covid-19 and hosted a well-organized event in the slums of Sanjay Nagar. Many sporting individual events from team sports like Cricket to athletic events like races, long jump etc were organised. The children and mentors enjoyed the event alike.

Pooja reunites with her mother after 5 years

Pooja knows how miserable life can be without mother’s love. She was 5/6 years old when her mother left her after her father passed away. She along with her other siblings started selling coloring books, key chains etc to survive. At times they begged. Bubbly, talented, sensitive, intelligent Pooja almost lost her childhood. She joined […]

Pathshala hosts Pallete2Plate event

Children’s day and Diwali was celebrated with a creative event called Pallete2Plate. It started with wall painting in the morning followed by performances by the children in the evening and food cooked by the teachers for the children in the night. All in all, a wonderful celebration for all involved.

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