Churni is our creative initiative, first started in 2015 with the goal to engage the women of the slums, located close to Pathshala and Pathbhavan. Most of the women were mothers of our students. We started with 10 women. They had no vocational training. They were taught to tailor, sew, understand design and produce household products that are sale-able. The vision was to empower the women in the area so that they have their own source of income. This helped the families share financial responsibility and understand the value of education which helped to keep the children in school. Today Churni has three branches in Jetalpur, Sanjay nagar and Lasundra. Churni employs around 50 ladies who draw a regular salary. Churni became self-sustaining in 2017 from it’s sales and no longer needs funding from the Trust.

Thermax has tied up with Churni in 2019 to provide funding to scale the organization and train more women. The Lasundra branch was added after receiving their support.  The Churni products are sold at the Churni store that was inaugurated in March 2018 and also in exhibitions all over the city. We attempt to continue to increase our sales so that more women can be trained and supported through this initiative.

Churni has its own website showcasing it’s catalogue of products.