Pathshala Hostel was started on June 5, 2014. The reason it was started was, after the construction at our first Pathshala site was completed, the labourers had to move to their next destination. The children refused to move away from us and their education. They made ardent requests to help them find a place to stay. We received two flats as donation and started the hostel with 8 kids and grew to 17 in 2019. Each of the kids have undergone a remarkable transformation both academically and in overall personality development. As a result, a decision was made to acquire land and build a hostel for 100 children so that we can make the maximum impact to their lives.

A land was acquired in 2015 and construction commenced in Aug 2017. We finished construction and inaugurated the hostel on September 29. 2019. We started with around 60 children. We have a capacity of 100 and will expand to that with time. The hostel will provide Pathshala classes for the children by grade. They will attend Navprerna in Vadodara to continue their formal schooling. The hostel also has a Skill Development center that will vocationally train the children to aid them in finding a job in the future. The hostel has additional facilities like – a library, computer room, art room, sports facilities and a stage for performances. The goal is for all round development of each child.