Our Career Counseling initiative Udaan for Class VIII to Class XII students was kicked off on June 14,2021 in Pathshala & June 17, 2021 in Pathbhavan. We have partnered with CareerNaksha, a professional Career Counseling Service Provider based out of Vadodara. The program so far has done the following –

  • provided career path overview to all children
  • internal mentors have been identified for a small group of 3-4 children who will help the children follow the career guidance recommendations
  • provided training to our mentors on how to guide the children
  • conducted psychometric testing and created a customized report for each child with possible career options
  • collected background information of each child and provided 1-1 counseling to the children in the presence of their mentors
  • a plan for each child has been created and periodic followups will be carried out with CareerNaksha representatives to evaluate progress.

Followups are being carried out every 6 months with our children and their mentors to make sure children are doing well on their individual plans. New children entering the grade VIII level go through the psychometric testing and counseling sessions.

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