Pathbhavan is a learning and development centre for the children of Sanjay Nagar Slum in Sama, Vadodara. It was initiated by Srotoshwini Trust as a library and activity center inside Sanjay Nagar – Nehru Nagar slum in May, 2013. The main purpose was to inculcate reading habit in the local kids who rarely get the opportunity to study formally in good schools. Also,  to nurture their talent in extra-curricular activities and to groom them to become sensitive, self-reliant and happy citizens. On understanding the major gap in the children’s inability to read and comprehend all subjects, Pathbhavan was converted to a Learning and Development center.

In 2018, Pathbhavan moved to a new permanent location that has more space and allows kids to be segregated by grades to better focus on academics and extracurricular activities. Pathbhavan now provides additional tutoring for the academic subjects. This year the mentors focussed on developing thinking skills, communication skills and oratory skills improving the overall personality of the children giving opportunities to work in teams, encouraging students to participate  in computer, dance, Art & craft , yoga/ fitness  and storytelling classes in weekends.

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Lasundra, Gujarat 391775,

C/40 Jay Yogeshwar Nagar Society,

Vadodara, Gujarat 390024

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