Hybrid approach to learning

Since 2022-2023, we have combined Project Based Learning with conventional education such that the children are able to learn their fundamentals, till grade 7 through hands-on projects that address real-world problems through various mediums of expression like essays, model making, dance, music, theater, art etc; the format that best suits a child and the topic on hand.

Levels of learning

We have 5 levels of learning. We’ve eliminated the concept of grade based learning till class 7. Each learning level is designed keeping the state board education level expectations for grade 7 in mind. Projects are chosen so that all relevant topics are covered by the time they reach level 5 in much greater detail.

Grade 8 & Beyond

The expectation is, by the time the children finish all 5 levels of learning, their fundamentals will be strong enough to be able to transition to the conventional education system. While we truly believe in the benefits of PBL, our ultimate goal is for our children to succeed professionally. For that, we will need our children to take the Class 10 and Class 12 exams to qualify for the different professional courses. Therefore, starting in class 8, they will follow the OBE (Open Basic Education of the National Institute of Open Schooling board) curriculum. NIOS is at par with the other state and central boards and recognized by all colleges and universities.

Success stories:

  • Our eldest child Ajay is enrolled in KJIT’s Mechanical engineering Diploma course while preparing to take NIOS’ Class 12 exams. His dream is to become a Loco Pilot (Railways). His subjects and learning journey is being designed to help him achieve his goal.
  • Nanhi, one from our original set of children has joined Muni Seva Ashram’s Nursing Training Program
  • Hasina has joined the Hostel’s kitchen staff and also become a Hostel Mother and lives on campus.
  • Pran has joined the Mechanical Engineering Diploma course at KJIT
  • Our children emerged winners of a model making competition on Sustainability that had Vadodara’s 13 mainstream schools competing.