Get Involved

Srotoshwini Trust has 3 different initiatives like described in the other sections – Pathshala, Pathbhavan and Churni. Pathshala has a residential hostel for 100 children and an informal school located in Lasundra, Savli. Pathbhavan is a Learning and Development Center with around 50 children located In Vadodara. Churni is an initiative to empower women and our store is located in Gotri, Vadodara. There are various ways you can get associated with us…


Srotoshwini Trust is a registered NGO. All our initiatives are run by support we receive from our Corporate Sponsors or individual donors. Every donation is important for us. More details HERE.

If you would like to sponsor a meal in celebration or memory of a family member or sponsor milk or fruits or snacks for our Pathshala or Pathbhavan children, please reach out to any of our contacts listed HERE. You can also sponsor furniture, bags, uniforms etc.


If you’d prefer to donate in kind instead of cheque/money transfers, there are many daily needs like –

  • Stationery
  • Daily hygiene supplies like toothbrushes, tooth paste, soaps, shampoos, oil etc
  • Kitchen supplies – grains, pulses, fruits, vegetables
  • Sports equipment
  • Arts and Crafts Supplies
  • Library books
  • Board games

Please reach out to our team to find out about our current needs before sending or bringing any of the listed items. Depending on the time of the year and the support we have already received, our needs might vary.


There are many opportunities to volunteer at all our initiatives –

  • Guest Speaker
  • Host an activity or workshop for our children
  • Teach a subject
  • Admin expertise in HR or Finance to help with our backoffice
  • Experience designing or stitching clothes to help our Churni ladies

The above are a few examples. We would like to hear from you. Depending on the time you have to commit, we can match you with an opportunity on our end.


We are always looking to expose our children to new experiences. Some things we have done in the past are –

  • Participate in Sports tournaments or friendly matches
  • Visit factories/companies to see how things work
  • Visit other schools for participating in events
  • Make educational trips

If you are a member of an organization that would help expose our children to new experiences that are educational in nature, we would like to hear from you.