Extracurricular Activities

Our activities range from fitness, health to vocational training and creative challenges. The idea again is holistic development. Growth of the body and mind.

Vocational Training & Finishing school

For our senior children, we turn our focus to vocational training so that they have the best chances of succeeding in the outside world. Along with specific hands on trainings, our Diploma level children participate in a Finishing School hosted by Amit Sir and Kajal Sir. Our children engage in mock interviews, case study analysis and group discussions.


Pathbhavan uses the technique of gamification to encourage learning. The intention is for the teams to put in the extra effort in learning to win the competition.

Many competitions and activities were held during the past year –

Wall painting competition, story telling and speech competition, Hindi Debate Competition, Rangoli Competition, Drawing & Collage Competition, Rakhi Making Competition, Maths Quiz, Maps and Flags, English and Hindi reading and many more.


We have incorporated International Days into our curriculum this year. What that means is, we keep track of all important dates not only in India but all over the world. It gives us an opportunity to talk about a variety of topics ranging from Geography to Science to important people in history and their work to Human rights to the significance and history of all our festivals.

This initiative not only explains the what, why and how behind these otherwise meaningless days, it also teaches our children to research, create slides and explain to their peers the topic in a simplified manner, thus improving their public speaking and comprehension skills. We tend to have around 5-10 topics covered every month.

Guest Speakers/ Workshops

We are so lucky to have a such a strong family of well-wishers supporting us. We always look forward to our well-wishers spending time with our children. Sometimes these are group discussions or talks on life lessons. On other ocassions it might be educational discussions on health & hygiene. We also host hands on workshops that exposes our children to different skills for self-improvement or vocational training.

The pictures give us an idea of the type of workshops, talks and discussions we have had in the past year.


Our team always focussues on exposing our children to different experiences. The hope is that they will get a good holistic understanding of different vocations and the world in itself.

Last year we had a number of outings – Pharmaceutical Factory, Machines casting Factory, Amul Dairy & Chocolate factory visit, Science City, Jambughoda wildlife sanctury, Yavateshwar on the occassion of National Water Day and the Museum on Wheels at Lakshmi Vilas Palace. After every visit, the children are expected to write down their feedback about the experience and share it in a group discussion setting. it in a group discussion setting.