Udukku, second performance hosted by RCBC

UDUKKU’s 2nd show of ‘Goopi Gawayia Bagha Bajayia’ received excellent reviews. Thank you so much audience and RCBC ( Rotary club of Baroda Cosmopolitan), Ms Neha Patel, Mr Arjun Singh Mehta, Ms Shubhra Singh Mehta and all other office bearers of RCBC for giving us the opportunity. Pathshala’s performing arts group, Udukku performed at a fundraising event hosted by RCBC.

Sports Day with a difference!

Pathshala, Pathbhavan and Churni, initiatives of Srotoshwini Trust, celebrated ‘togetherness’ at the Annual Sports Meet on 24th December at Pathshala Campus, Lasundra. It was a day to feel happy together. Races were all collaborative and there was no competition. Everyone received prizes.

World Science Day Celebrations

Day 1 celebration of World Science Day at Pathbhavan : 5 guest speakers interacted, demonstrated, related science with age old stories, explained facts audio- visually and made children understand that science is very much related to daily life. Girish Sir ( Scientist) told to be inquisitive ( What, why and how) to understand science. Mr. Dhruv Ramaiya (Entrepreneur) inspired for …

Udukku Debut Performance: another grand success!

After a lot of hard work & unparalleled teamwork, we presented ‘Goopi Gawayia Bagha Bajaiya’ on Sunday, 5th November at Pt Deendayal Upadhaya Auditorium, Ajwa Road. We received raving reviews from the people present there. This performance was part of our new performing arts initiative Udukku. This initiative will use Theater as a means of education for our children.

Utsav 2023 a grand success!

We celebrated the 4th birthday of Pathshala Hostel on September 29 at our Lasundra campus. Heartfelt thanks to all the well wishers who could come. Thank you Bijoya Baksi ma’am for your wonderful practical inputs. We are enriched by Dr Pushpanadham sir’s speech which includes ‘happy children can learn better’.