World Science Day Celebrations

Day 1 celebration of World Science Day at Pathbhavan : 5 guest speakers interacted, demonstrated, related science with age old stories, explained facts audio- visually and made children understand that science is very much related to daily life. Girish Sir ( Scientist) told to be inquisitive ( What, why and how) to understand science. Mr. Dhruv Ramaiya (Entrepreneur) inspired for experiments to embibe science, Ms. Nandita Aich (teacher) directed children’s attention towards stories to understand scientific laws, Mr. A. Datta (Former CEO, and mentor of Pathbhavan) did a few joyous experiments and our own student Arvind explained the cause of day & night & the concept of transparent – translucent objects.

It was wonderful to observe children participating in 2 & 1/2 hours interaction. Thank You Dr. Girish Mr, Dhruv Ramaiya, Ms. Nandita Aich, Mr. A Datta & Arvind.