Udukku, a Performing Arts Troupe

Srotoshwini Trust, Vadodara has been working with underprivileged children and women since 2013. Srotoshwini is fundamentally a cultural group, with an experience of 16 years of stage shows, has diversified its activities towards social field since last ten years. The Trust runs Pathshala, an informal school and hostel for underprivileged children. The name of its cultural troupe is UDUKKU.

UDUKKU’s debut performance of ‘Goopi Gawayia Bagha Bajaiya’, was staged on 5th Nov 23 in one of the well-known auditoriums of Vadodara. And immediately we were invited by Rotary Club of Vadodara. The shows both the times were well appreciated. We invited Ms.Shilpa Ranade, children’s filmmaker and maker of ‘Goopi Gawayia Bagha Bajaiya’ animated film and Mr Narayan Parsuraam, music director of the same film for the shows. Both of them appreciated the performance of the children a lot.

Goopi Gawayia Bagha Bajaiya, is originally written by Upendra Kishore Roy Chaudhury, grand father of stalwart Satyajit Ray. And this was filmed by Ray in Bengali. Later, the story was translated in Hindi by Gulzaar and the Hindi version was filmed by Shilpa Ranade and team in animated form.

UDUKKU, comprised by the children of Pathshala, chose to perform GGBB as it says, ‘GGBB is the story for adults told by the children’.

We as UDUKKU, are looking for the opportunity to perform at various places around the country.

Contact person: Dr Juin Dutta, 9714028704