Udaan: Career Counseling Initiative

Udaan is a Career Counseling Initiative to expose our children to the career options they can pursue in the future. The initiative covers the following:

  • Pathshala & Pathbhvan children are given an overview of career options, they go through psychometric testing and are counseled along with their mentors in specific career option areas individually. This has also helped select their primary subjects in 11th and 12th grades
  • One immediate improvement we see is, the focus on the future. They have got a glimpse of the possibilities and are taking their studies very seriously.
  • There are quarterly checkpoints with the mentors and experts at Career Naksha, the professional Career Counseling services company we’ve parternered with.
  • The children are doing well with the choice of subjects they have made.
  • We completed counseling 50+ Pathshala & Pathbhavan children, combined.